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A+ Institute real estate school











Great Results, Personable, Good Value
“My connection with A Plus began when I needed to renew my license. I spoke with Heidi. She guided me through the process - which was quite simple - and made sure I had all that I needed. I've used them for renewals, new agents, and my Managing Broker's license. A Plus and Heidi is my primary chioce for licensing!” September 20, 2011
~Angela Jackson Cubean

I have had great success with A+ find them personable, and great to work with"
-Billy Graham

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, You’re my new hero of the month, Heidi!!
Thanks so much for the weekend assistance too…
~Tyler Hood

A Plus Institute has always been a pleasure to work with. Not only do they continue to have reasonable pricing, their classes have always been agent friendly and they are always available to answer any questions with problems concerning computers or software. I would recommend A Plus Institute over any of the other online programs available."
~Kevin Cronquist

Heidi at A Plus represents consistent and reliable training for real estate agents. She provides excellent service, responds quickly and efficiently and her product is relevant, timely and accurate. The education is proven successful and is my training of choice

Thanks! So responsive and helpful! I'm impressed

Christopher Peterson



I really feel I have a friend in Continuing Education with A Plus Institute and specifically with Heidi. . .
Thank you,
Ryan Dudley-West Richland


















You can enroll  by email, phone, or ONLINE .

A+ takes care of all paperwork.


Certificates of Completion

In most cases, if data is received before 3 p.m., a certificate of completion can be mailed or faxed the same business day.


State Approvals

A+ courses are State approved


Record keeping

We will keep track of your educational records. A+ keeps all records in a secure database. We realize you have enough to do without having to search for your continuing education certificates! Students may request copies of any A+ course certificates at anytime.


Administrative details

A+  courses contain everything you'll need for pre-license or continuing education. Each course automatically tracks clock hours, delivers a final exam, provides quiz games, examples, sounds, review sections, automatically builds a transcript  and delivers student data for state certification. PLUS...it’s fun!   



for Pre-Licensing & Continuing Education



Admission Policy: Courses offered by A+ Institute are open to all persons

whether or not they are licensed real estate agents. No person will be denied

admission based on race, creed, color, sex, national origin, appearance, or

sexual orientation. We strictly adhere to all Equal Opportunity and ADA laws and



Mission Statement

To provide a system of quality educational programs and services to prepare those entering the real estate profession and to enhance the skills and knowledge of practitioners seeking license renewal to conduct their business ethically, efficiently and successfully. We approach our activities with purpose and responsibility in accordance with the highest standards of accountability.

Program Objectives

Our continuing education courses are designed to strengthen the real estate professional's skills by providing established, relative practices and standards, as well as updates and changes in trends, issues, regulations and laws to better serve and protect the public. These program curricular objectives include improving the licensee's:

  • Awareness of legal, environmental and other critical changes
  • Understanding and/or clarification of misconceptions
  • Prevention awareness to avoid possible liability and risk factors
  • Respect for ethical and honest practice
  • Comprehension of responsibilities and obligations
  • Expansion in previously acquired skills
  • Utilization of new skills

Our pre-license education courses are designed to introduce, develop and build basic professional skills by providing training in a broad spectrum of established practices and standards to prepare the new licensee to pass the state examination and serve and protect the public. These program curricular objectives include:

  • Introduction to basic principles and practices of the real estate profession
  • Preparation for the real estate license examination
  • Awareness and understanding of rules, regulations, license laws, and statutes
  • Understanding activities and responsibilities involved in a real estate career
  • Regard and respect for ethical and honest practice
  • Attention and understanding of important issues that affect the public and the real estate profession